MantisHub Features Simple, intuitive and still jam packed with features!


Release Management

To help manage your projects, MantisHub supports project versions. This enables you to create future releases and shipped releases. You can target issues for implementation in a future release and summarize this information in your Roadmap page. Report issues and mark them as fixed against shipped releases and you can provide a handy Chanelog for customers and authoring of announcements and release notes.

Release Management<
Time tracking


Get the big picture on your teams performance. With analytics on workload distribution by team member, categories, current status and resolution times you can keep on top of it all.

Customer Support

IDE Integrations for Efficient Development

Improve workflow and efficiency by leveraging integration of JetBrains and Eclipse IDEs with MantisHub. Such integration provides a way to manage multiple work contexts that are based on MantisHub issues with easy way to context switch to pick up right where you left off. By associating your MantisHub issue with a context, you can open up all your code files related to a specific task with one click. Assign branches to your MantisHub tasks so that when you switch tasks it automatically switches the branch along with the context. A super convenient integration that will boost your developers' productivity.


IDE Integrations for Efficient Development
API with C# and Php client SDKs

Team Chat

With our Slack and HipChat integrations, team communications is a breeze. Link your MantisHub projects to your Slack channels or HipChat rooms to get your team talking. Updates to your project and issue updates are broadcast out your chat medium to keep everyone up to date. You can also utilize our in-built @mentions and monitoring features to hook team mates into collaborating on specific issues.

Slack Hip Chat

Team Chat
Test Management